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Simex Systems, established 7 years ago, specialises in providing and servicing pre-press equipment to the graphic and computer industries, as well as being specialist suppliers of PC mouse devices. For Simex specific products, please  visit our other site www.simex.co.uk

Our PC mouse range has grown and  developed into the products that you will see on these pages, as well as those  which are currently being developed. Check these pages often for our newest devices!

The range started out being specifically for young children to  use - hence Kiddy Mouse! - but as the devices have been developed, they've become highly desirable gift & novelty items for adults as well as  children.

The design of all the devices is optimised for comfort of use as well as full-spec functionality. For young children, these mice assist with  learning the functions of the mouse and also assist in the teaching of computer  skills. For quality and value, these products are unrivalled.

We sell our  products and services internationally and have an excellent record of customer  service, which is our first and foremost concern. With any product from Simex Systems, you can be certain that you will receive full customer and technical support at all times.
For any queries you may have, or for any other matter concerning our PC Mouse products or about Simex Systems, please feel free to contact us by using the Feedback form or by post:

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